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The Matt Urban Center has been proudly serving East Buffalo, the Town of Cheektowaga and West Seneca for the past 45 years. We continue to fulfill our mission of revitalizing neighborhoods, serve families and change lives by bringing together public and private resources in an effort to assist community residents in becoming self-sustaining.

The Matt City Center is committed to promoting racial equality and recognizes historical systems of oppression, including institutional and systemic racism, that continue to this day. Matt City Center is also partnering with National ​Center for Medical. Detailed information about this center can be found on this website https://medical-legalpartnerships.org/.

Our Commitment to Racial Justice

The Matt Urban Center is committed to promoting racial equity and acknowledges historical systems of oppression including institutional and systemic racism which continue to this day. The Matt Urban Center will take active steps in addressing racial inequity as an organization and as it relates to the community we serve through training, stakeholder engagement, self-assessment, advocacy and intentional policy making. The Matt Urban Center recognizes that not actively combatting racism is equal to complicity.


Workforce Development Training Launching in New Year

The Matt Urban Center is excited to be launching a Workforce Development Program this year. After a successful pilot in Fall 2023, the customer service readiness training program will be moving forward with a full cohort this spring. Watch the full video here.

Week 5: Home for the Holidays, Giving Tuesday and Food Pantry Reopening

As the Matt Urban Center reaches the halfway mark, securing 25% of their $60,000 goal in the “Home for the Holidays” campaign, the community is invited to join in the effort with Giving Tuesday. Generously sponsored by Evans Bank and Rich Products, the campaign is making strides towards its ambitious objective. Read the full article.

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