Park Classic 2023

Thank You to our 2023 Sponsors and Donors!

9-Hole Ladies

Beth Montague

Brittany Jesserer

Brooke Felgemacher

Buffalo Bead Bar

Carole Moose

Carrie Duquin

Christa Jenkins

Dan Gronkowski

Danielle Cherry

Darryl Talley

Gary Siddall

Independent Health

Jack Redd

Jeanie Spencer

Jessica Brass

Karen Rogowski

Kim Dunlop

Kristin Arnold

Lauren Ostroff

Liz Hanretty

Ludmilla Couture

Marcia Pacciotti

Mark Butler

Mary Grace Bauer


Patti George

Rich Jureller

Rich Rodenhaus

RuthAnn Designs

Ryan Hanretty

Sharon Bakshi

Sharon Buyers


The Perfect Gift

Tom Ramming

Stay tuned for more information about the
8th Annual Park Club Classic in 2024!