Owner Occupied Home Repair Programs

The Matt Urban Center has funding from the City of Buffalo, New York State Housing and Community Renewal, and the Affordable Housing Corporation to provide low income homeowners with funding to help them repair their homes and make them more energy efficient. Please call at 893-7222 x 214 or email at info@urbanctr.org for more information.



You may be disqualified for assistance at any point in the application process for the below reasons:

1)   Your home’s taxes and fees (City taxes; County taxes; Water bill; User fees, etc.) must be fully paid or in a payment arrangement throughout the ENTIRE application and assistance process.

2)   You must have owned and lived in your home for at least one year.

3)   You cannot own more than one home or property.

4)   Your home must be in generally good condition.

5)   Your home cannot have more than ONE emergency condition (sewer line break, main water line break, leaking roof, electrical hazards at main panel, defective heating system, defective hot water heater, gas line break.)

6)   You and your spouse (if married) must have clear title or ownership of the home. You may be disqualified if your home lists multiple owners who do not reside in the house.

7)   For ROOF repair assistance, you must be:

  • Very low income or
  • Low income elderly or
  • Low income disabled.

Checklist of items needed for an application:

Single Item Home Repair Document Checklist

Housing 50/50 Repair Program Document Checklist

Housing Weatherization Document Checklist

Housing Testimonials:

“On Tuesday February 23, 2010 the plumber finished running copper pipes from the main to under the house. I thank you so much for all you have done to get the job done. You are sincerely appreciated.”

~Curtis L, Buffalo, NY


“With special thanks for all your help with my house.”

~Iris D, Buffalo, NY

“There is a woman that works at the Matt Urban Ctr! She is my angel!! Her name is Erica… she kept CPS from taking my kids and having to leave my home… Thank you so much Erica your the greatest !!!!! CPS was gonna take my kids 3 days before Christmas!! Erica kept that from happening. She also kept us from having to move out of our home… She really is an aaaaaangel!!””
~Donna, Buffalo, NY