Client Testimonial: Matt Urban Hope Center

Testimonial Transcription from Mr. Mitchell L. Wilson, Sr.

May 8, 2018

“My name is Mitchell L. Wilson, Sr. I want to say that because of the Matt Urban Hope Center and the Security Guard, Kelvin Leonard, and Mr. Earle Blacksheare, whom during my time of depression, lost of life mentally and physically, because of their deep concern for my mental and physical stability, I have a better life. Being a Vietnam Veteran, they showed me a better life and sent me to the correct people to receive help which was so desperately needed. I can’t say how much I deeply appreciate what they have done for me. And I would like to thank the people of the Matt Urban Hope Center for giving me a new chance at life. Only God could have inspired them to help me. There [sic] kindness, there [sic] good heart, soul & spirit brought forth a better person in me. May God continue to bless these individuals and to prosper the Matt Urban Hope Center.

Signed Mitchell Wilson Sr.

Thank You, God Bless

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